Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll will find answers to the questions we get asked the most.  

Most popular FAQ’s

What is a barrier cream?

A barrier cream is a topical formulation which creates a physical barrier between the skin and contaminants that may irritate the skin.

What are the advantages of a barrier cream over a hand sanitiser gel?

The Alcohol in sanitisers provides a quick kill but evaporates in a few seconds, meaning that users can pick up more bacteria as soon as they touch something. 19. Hand Barrier Cream is kinder to hands and offers a 4 hour protection from bacteria and viruses.

Why should I use 19. Hand Protection Cream?

Gel based hand sanitisers must contain at least 60% alcohol, which leads to cracked skin and dryness. 19. Hand Protection has been developed to moisturise and help repair damaged hands while offering a four hour barrier.

Whats the difference between a barrier cream and a moisturiser?

19. Hand Barrier Cream, once applied, provides a 4hr physical barrier between the skin and contaminants, that may irritate the skin. It also moisturises the skin.

Hand Moisturisers don’t create a protective layer once applied.  

Who is our barrier cream suitable for?

Our barrier cream is suitable for use in these environments:

  • Schools
  • Retail
  • Sports
  • Healthcare
  • Nursing and care homes
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Hairdressers and salons
  • Factories and warehouses
Is the cream Vegan friendly?

Yes, it is made from organic ingredients and the lactose derives from Sugar Beet from the UK


Is 19. Hand Barrier Cream safe for use on sensitive skin?

19. Hand Barrier Cream has been fully tested and will not irritate sensitive skin.

What is a barrier cream used for?

Barrier creams are a multi-use product, applications include an extra barrier for frequent users of gloves and relief from dryness when constantly washing hands.

Where do you apply the barrier cream?

Our barrier cream is suitable for hands.

When should I apply the barrier cream?

You should apply the barrier cream after you wash your hands.

Is the barrier cream sticky or greasy?

Our cream isn’t sticky, is easily absorbed into the skin after 30 seconds and does not leave the hands greasy at all.

How durable is a barrier cream and how long does it protect?

Our barrier cream is fully tested to protect you for up to 4 hours. Re-apply if you wash your hands.

How long does the cream take to dry?

Our cream takes 30 seconds to dry.

What does it smell like?

Our product is not scented and has a pleasant, unoffensive smell.


How can I become a distributor?

Please call 03333 580 395 or email [email protected] to find out more.

Why can I buy the product?

Our product can be purchase directly, either though the online shop or by calling 03333 580 395.